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Friday, May 05, 2006

What is it about Canada?

Great radio drama. Awesome podcasts. The best independent music I've ever heard. When the International News Network was still around, it was the ONLY thing I watched for news, and it was all CBC.

So when I saw this- 22 CBC shows offered on podcast... well I just about had another audiogasm.

I'm sitting here subscribing like a crazy-girl... and trying to figure out what I'll listen to first! Unfortunately this addict has been a very bad girl and not been doing alot of listening lately. I'll have to get cracking!


1 comment:

Jack said...

As it Happens, Outfront, and many others are great!
If I were picking (and I'll have to or my ears will bleed), I highly recommend Ideas first and foremost, Quirks and Quarks for the Science minded, and Dispatches.
The only sadness I have is that Dispatches occurs I believe twice a week on the radio dial and Ideas every single night. How could they possibly choose the best of?!