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Friday, May 05, 2006


Heeheee... did I use enough acronyms there? Translation: Dream Realm Enterprises Robotz of the Company Very Important Production! However, it's really a bit of a spin-off of the serial itself, and the third installment of Celena's Dreams, "Squiglies":

"Where do all the misfits of the galaxy go? Those the Company
("Praise the Company") have no use for. Where is there a port of call
for those who have no better place to be than out on the very rim of
civilized space? A place that is either out of reach, or at the very
least, so out of touch the Company ("Praise the Company") could care
less. Why, it's a crashed space craft called the S.S. Squig and it's
motley crew of humans, botz and ghostly apparitions.

Wait. There's a crew on board this crashed space ship, you say? What?
How? Why? It's simple. The ship is fine. It's just fine. It may never
fly again, because it's somehow been fused to a lonely asteroid in
the middle of deep space, but there really are worse places to be.
It's fine. No one really knows what happened to the original crew.
But Captain Zandra Sladen and her staff really don't care about the
history of the Squig. It simply serves as a place of business. A
place where those who haven't got homes can come and... eat a good
meal (well okay, a mediocre meal at best), gamble their lives away,
drink themselves into oblivion, or even refuel on their way to... who
knows where? Nothing really all that exciting happens on the Squig,
well nothing that anyone has ever really made that much fuss about.
So, as Captain Sladen is often heard saying, "it's just another day
aboard the S.S. Squig". Won't you visit us for a while?" -- The Non-
Event Advertising Corporation of Sirius VI

I happen to know for a fact it's quite a giggler... and who IS that chick who does the credits? ;-)
(well I HAD to say something darn it!)

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