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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One step ahead of the addict

Update 2: Seems I say "seems" alot. LOL!

Seems the guys at SFF audio have also now posted a review of "The Fall of the City"
Check it out HERE!!

Damn.. I'm slipping in my almost old age... seems Scott at SFF Audio beat me to what is in store for the season finale of Sonic Society. So, since he so graciously did all the work for me this week, I'll let him tell you what's in store for us:

Willamette Radio WorkshopWillamette Radio Workshop returns to the The Sonic Society to close out their wildly successful inaugural season with the award winning production of Archibald Macleish's "The Fall of the City". A verse drama originally commissioned for the Columbia Workshop (the inspiration for WRW) in 1937. You won't believe it's only 30 minutes long.

A note for The Sonic Society regulars, WRW doesn't have podcast rights for "Fall of the City", so the final Society podcast will have a Texas Radio Theater episode.

More details are available on Willamette Radio Workshop's website.


DecoderRing said...

And while we're on the subject, can we have a Season One shout-out for the Audio Addict? Originally started to hype the Sonic Society broadcasts, our Addict's enthusiasim and energy took the 'fan site' and turned it into an important news hub, both for listeners and producers. So three cheers for the Queen Bee of the Audio Drama set...

Hip, hip...

SamA said...

Hooray! Dani Queen Bee of the Audio Fan World! Thanks so much for all your help and support, your the best. I hope you keep on during the off season as well. But even addits need their breaks. Be well,
Sam A. Mowry
Willamette Radio Workshop

Audio Addict said...

Bah... oh stop you're embarrassing me! Honestly, this just proves how awesome Sonic Society really is, because the blog had no choice but to go further and include more. That is exactly what the show is all about, inclusion.

This addict won't be taking a break- but if you think about it, neither will the SS guys!

Keep reading! And thank you all for your wonderful contributions to the theatre of my mind! ;-)

Jamie said...

Hear hear! It's been a real treat for us, and the Addict's blog has been a fantastic connection into the world of the Sonic Society.

And For Those Who Came In Late such as myself, it's going to be great going through the off-season and catching up on stuff I missed!

JR said...

Congrats on YOUR first season with the blog - keeping it going and full of interesting items is not as easy as it looks; and your dedication is something I admire and respect. Thanks again - and I always looks forward to reading the Audio Addict - its the best place to be up-to-date with the world of Audio Drama (although I still call them Radio Plays :) cheers, Dani!
~Jerry Robbins
The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air - Boston MA

Jack said...

Here's where I get to see the words of my favourite people in the industry. :)
Thanks so much to everyone for your help in a great and successful first season. Not in the least due to all your efforts and especially the continual and amazing efforts of the Queen of Radio Drama blogs!
I look forward to hearing and speaking with all of you again soon!
Jack (erstwhile host)