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Thursday, May 25, 2006

All That Shimmers...

Sam Mowry at Willamette Radio brought me this non-audio gem to share with you. Yes- a NON-audio post! Am I being blasphemous? Desecrating some respected audio-creed?

Yeah, whatever. Y'all read it and write it- otherwise we'd never even GET it in audio form, eh? ;-)

They also accept submissions... *nudging a few of you.. you know who you are*

The Spring 2006 issue of Shimmer:
Available now!

Our cover story is A Warrior’s Death, Aliette de Bodard’s tale of sacrifice and honor in an Aztec-inspired world. John Joseph Adams returns with a review of Larry Niven’s “The Draco Tavern.” Then there’s the charming Dog Thinks Ahead, by Cliff Royal Johns, the sorrowful Litany by John Mantooth, and Bruce Derksen’s Rubber Boots, Mr. President. Angela Slatter brings new life to Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Match Girl and Darby Harn tells us about a blind woman’s unusual skills. We also have the honor of being the first fiction credit for Paul Abbamondi (The Dealer’s Hands) and Marina T. Stern (Drevka’s Rain).

Celebrate Spring with Shimmer! Available in both print and electronic editions, according to your reading preferences.

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Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Actually, each issue of Shimmer comes with an audio version of one of the stories. Check out Ken Scholes short story, "Action Team-Ups Number Thirty-Seven" from our Winter issue.

Audio Addict said...

Well see- I stuck with the theme without even knowing it!


SamA said...

Damn. Not paying attention again. I even recorded that story for him. Go and get it.