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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Into Past Darkness

The next Sonic Society podcast is up, taking us ALLLLLL the way back to October. Here's my easy way out- my blog entry from then:

Halloween Comes Early

I love this time of year. The temperature finally began to drop here in the desert, though still not enough to take out my sweaters. We decorated for fall, and kicked off our Halloween countdown with getting the kids their costumes and taking them to see "The Corpse Bride."

And now The Society is getting into the dark spirit Tuesday with "The Curse of Dracula", by Sound Mind Theatre. Being the horror fan that I am, I am absolutely convinced that vampires indeed exist, and if given the opportunity I would become one. It's the whole tortured soul-damned for all eternity thing... very seductive.

Ok, ok... it's the whole Brad Pitt and Antonio Bandaras as vampires thing- who am I kidding? (notice I did NOT say Cruise- blah.)

After that there of course is an interview with Lee Davis of Sound Mind Theatre. You know, I must say that these interviews have been REALLY good. And I'm the type who has been known to skip the interviews... But these have been fun to listen to. Perhaps someday the Audio Addict will be on the other end of one of those interviews... and then you all can skip me. ;-)

And after the interview- yes it is my fellow addicts- more Robotz!

So, grab your cross and your garlic ring... and I'll see you Tuesday!

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