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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

..and speaking of that main addiction

Next podcast just posted... we go back to Ireland with a tale from Kerric Harvey about an Irish princess...

Hey check out the post I did when this was originally aired back in September- I was trying to find a pic that would match what I thought an Irish Princess should look like, and uh... got a little carried away. :-)

And darn that Blogger- still not able to upload photos! ARGH!

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Jamie said...

Still catching up on the podcasts after missing some, thanks to our trip to the World Horror Convention in San Francisco this past week. This one was a great episode, although I kept getting distracted by Corey Flintoff -- "waitaminnit, that's the NPR newsreader, isn't it?" :) Strange to hear him as an Irish sorcerer, but still fun.

And Dani, I think your first picture was probably the best, in your search for Irish warrior-princesses. :)