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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Uncertainty in Uncertain, TX

Argh... Blogger is being a pain, and I wanted to get Third Coast Live's logo up in this entry! Oh well, I will add it later. (As you can see blogger got over its constipation)

You have an 8th of a second to guess where I first heard about BK and her cast of merry experimental audio makers. I feel just awful that I have not yet given her a blog moment all her own to bask in, so I'll try to make this one exceptional (as her work is) to make up for the lack of attention (am I kissing enough butt here?)

So, they have a new piece up, that you can stream through the Public Radio Exchange website ( I think you need to register to listen, but it's free and MORE than worth the price.) Here's a little info about "Water Pollution in Uncertain, Texas":


Uncertain, Texas (circa late 1990's):
Based on a true account. Character driven account, written into tape.

In Caddo Lake, the quiet "Capping Project", unearthed another kind of beast. What is the nature of this beast?

This drop-in, is a part of a piece, called "Global Warming".
This particular element has an Earth and Sky-ish, tongue and cheeky feel. It is a cross between a "B" rated horror movie, (should Ed Wood have written for radio) and an NPR "World News" assignment.

**The characters are fictional, and were created to protect the innocent. ( Parents should listen before exposing their children to the workings of this piece) !

There are several others posted for your listening pleasure as well, stick around and listen to them all! Don't forget to check out Third Coast Live's website too!

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