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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On a Witchhunt in Space

OK, well.. not really. We flashback to Episode 2 of Sonic Society in their podcast, we go back to Shadowlands Theatre, and then even FURTHER to a time of witchhunts and inquisitions*... then spring to the present for a chat with Jerry Robbins of Colonial Radio. We then move forward in time and listen to episode 2 of Robotz of the Company. Meshed within are a couple cool promos!

Also, if you take a look at the SS podcast page (sounds like a ship! It's the SS Podcast!), you will see links to listen to three of their own promos. If ya feel like swappin'- let them know! Or, you could just go to their Podcast Pickle page, and download them!


*If you haven't heard this one.. I suggest you do. How often do you get to hear the host of a show being tortured? And it's quite believable- they must have chained Jack's butt in the studio closet with no food or water for three days before recording (really, I wouldn't put it past Andrew). This is one of my favorite Shadowlands plays, although by far not my favorite sin. ;-)

1 comment:

Jack said...

I can personally attest to Andrew's torture techniques.
Part of which involve being forced to listen to Primus (sorry Primus fans).

Overall though, this production was very fun to do. It will be a collector's edition as the new version of this is highly edited and not including, as always, your obedient host.
Jack Ward