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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Have you played with your mood orb today?

Just when you thought audio porn couldn't get any more fun- I discover the Hipper 100! From the Axehole blog:

"It’s an MP3 player, a speaker and a glowing pleasure orb, all rolled into one.

Plug in any USB devices storing MP3 music files, and the glowing orb will change color along with the music, “giving you great joy all day long”, according to the company.

Whether it is an USB pen drive, a MP3 player or an USB card reader, you can simply “plug and play”. The MobiNote Hipper 100 plays out MP3 music files directly, so no additional device, such as a computer or external speaker, is not necessary.

According to the company, “MobiNote Hipper 100 has also been positioned as a Mood Creator”. It is a combination of a MP3 player, a speaker and LED light, which changes to 10 colors with different beats and rhythms automatically detected by the built-in MP3 audio chip."

Oh how how HOW did we ever live without all these wonderful toys??

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