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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can you be gritty and sell cosmetics?

Because that is what Texas Radio Theatre is implying with their description of Jack Hardcastle:

"Jack Hardcastle is a hard-boiled, gritty cosmetics salesman who owns a shop that's open 24 hours - providing health and beauty aids to a city that pretends it doesn't care."

And on top of THAT- he's a detective. Gumshoe, informer, nark, peeper, and all the other words gave me! And it's great dialogue... double entendre's galore and great beauty tips as well!

This particular show was just made available for podcast, and recorded February 2005. "Jack finds himself in the middle of a twisty turny murdery mystery surrounding a sacred cold cream and the supernatural powers it might have."

Do I even have to mention where I first heard a Hardcastle story? But now, you can subscribe to their feed, and get these, as well as all of the great productions by Texas Radio!



DecoderRing said...

The TRC podcasts make for a nice sampler too, since most of their shows are available on CD. I'm actually covertly listening to one of their Col. Nickels shows at work this morning and trying hard not to laugh out loud (without much success, I'm afraid).

Rod Renegade said...

Covertly amused AND afraid... YES!!!

DecoderRing said...

lol... Would you believe it took me until just now to figure out the "rod renegade" screen name? I kept thinking "now where do I know that name from?"

Caught mid-gratuitous plug. Oh, well. Order TRTC CDs... because the road to swell is paved with Good Intentions

Audio Addict said...

Well... move over DaVinci Code.. this story beats THAT silly one hands down. ;-)

Though it did remind me of the premise behind that academy award deprived movie, "Catwoman". ;-)

Halle was robbed, I tell you- ROBBED!