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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day of the Dead- a tribute to New Orleans

Wow. If you're into mythology (and really who isn't?) I would journey to New Orleans with Frederick Greenhalgh and his well-done interpretation of the Orpheus myth as told in "Day of the Dead":

""Day of the Dead" is a story inspired by the myth of Orpheus, telling of a young man's journeys in New Orleans in search of his missing lover. But all is not as it seems in this land of dreams, and he instead finds something he never expected--himself."

I'm halfway through it and well, wow! Great story and sound (the guitar is awesome!), and if you've got a little time to read, an excellent treatise about what sparked the idea, the myth itself, and some New Orleans background.

"Between my personal experiences there, my cursory knowledge of the cityƂ’s history, and the blunt facts of the geography, I had developed the idea of New Orleans as an underworld-like place. Ignoring the fact that the city was presently submerged underwater, I was more interested in all that had occurred prior to the hurricane (this, of course, being my own frame of reference). New Orleans, to me, was always on the brink of another world... A place of mysteries and majesty, of accidental beauty, of juxtapositions between ebullience and savagery, life and death. A place that tittered on oblivion and danced there joyfully. It is a place that is unapologetically itself."

I could spend hours on this website- if you get a chance check out Frederick's other work!

Seriously- wow.


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