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Monday, May 29, 2006

The King in True Form

UPDATE: No, not audio related, but still had to mention. My favorite politically incorrect satirical comedian Bill Maher is hosting a new show that is being streamed on Amazon. The "teaser episode" has an interview with the King himself.

Amazon Fishbowl

*drool drool drool*
Gonna get me to a bookstore.....
From SFF Audio:

Science Fiction & Horror Audiobook - Cell by Stephen KingCell
By Stephen King; Read by Campbell Scott
8 Cassettes or 12 CDs - 12.5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio / Recorded Books
Published: 2006
ISBN: 0743554329 (Cassette), 0743554337 (CD)
Themes: / Horror / Science Fiction / Apocalypse / Zombies/ Journey /
Survivors / Terrorism

There's a reason why cell rhymes with hell.

Stephen King's latest book is a return to form for this master of horror. In it, everyone with a cell phone goes stark raving mad after they receive some kind of pulse through their cell. The pulse, likely sent by terrorists, wipes the victims' minds clean. This story takes no time to get started. Within the first few minutes, you are drawn into this nightmare scenario, steeped in gore and horror.

The main character, Clayton Riddell, finds himself in Boston when the pulse drives the majority of people biting, scratching, and murderously mad. He is joined by a band of likable characters as they set off to get out of Boston. Meanwhile the victims of the pulse start behaving more like Zombies and start flocking together and evolving with even more unexpected behavior.

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Rod Renegade said...

Out of sight! I'll be waiting for that one at my library for sure!!!

I admit, I sensed a zombie feel almost immediately in the synopsis. Nice twist, though - with cell phones as the cause - a resolution seems really difficult, even if they found a reversing tone - I mean, how many times have you seen a zombie actually use a cell - honestly... That's about the only good thing you can say about zombies - their telephone manners are impeccable.

Scene: Dark creepy supermarket stockroom - exit and stairs to the roof are blocked.

GIRL: "Oh no, the zombie is getting closer"

ZOMBIE: "aherehaoiughsiuehresoih snort"

HERO: "He's almost here"

ZOMBIE: "oawouahfdosgosidhfdsoi slurp"

GIRL: "Oh help... help help"

ZOMBIE: "adsoihfdsoihgosif fitz ha ha ha"


ZOMBIE: "ashgosdf huh?"


HERO: "hold on (pause)- yes? (pause) well... yes, he's here (pause) I'll put him on (pause) It's for you."

ZOMBIE: "sdhf uishdf ahsdf?"

HERO: "Go ahead, it's ok"

ZOMBIE: "uasifdsiuahf uh"

(futuristic tone - poof)

ZOMBIE (cured): "Where am I"

HERO: "You were converted into a maniacle flesh eating zombie when you answered your cell phone days ago, and since then the rest of the country has done the same but Dr. Gitfinger has found a way to reverse the effect of the tone, but it has to be delivered by a cell phone that you just answered so now you're better"

ZOMBIE (cured): "Wouldn't it have been easier to use those trucks with the annoying speakers on them"

GIRL: "What, the ones they sell icecream in?

ZOMBIE (cured): "Yeah... that's the kind"

HERO: "Sure, but Dr. Gitfinger thought this would be more dramatic"

ZOMBIE (cured): "Yeah... it was... you got any peanut butter?"


Audio Addict said...

LMAO- you know this is the best reason to have writers paroozing your blog!! You get random, spur-of-the-moment scenes! ;-)