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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Podcasting Poetry In Arizona

From Coyote Radio News:

Whew! Coyote Radio sound engineer Angie Johnson-Schmit was at Arcosanti this weekend to commit the 6th Annual Slab City Slam to digital glory.
With the poets'’ kind permission, our Poetry as Performance Art Podcast now has a year's worth of locally performed kick @&! poetry to broadcast around the world via this website.
On Saturday, May 27, eight teams of four poets gave it up in a statewide spoken word throw-down leaving one team standing and a bronze trophy pulled from the smoking mold.
Congrats to these teams for hittin'’ it:

Essenza Slam Team (Mesa) (1st Place)
NorAZ Poets (2nd Place)
Tucson (3rd Place)
Flagslam (Flagstaff)
Paperheart (Phoenix)
Beat-Up Poets (wild-card pickup team)

It's a great podcast. I know- even if I didn't listen, I'd know. After all, I live here. :-)

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