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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Texas Radio is just Schlocking!

This is the first (chronologically) of three plays that D.B. Humphries (Columbia Audio Theatre and Schlock Audio Theatre) and Richard Frohlich collaborated on about the life and spirit of Annie Oakley.
"The Match" is based on how Annie Oakley met and bested her future husband, Frank Butler at a Thanksgiving shooting match in Ohio.

This play was recorded April and May 2004 in front of a studio audience in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas. It was produced by Shannan Frohlich and the Texas Radio Theatre Company. Directed and Engineered by Richard Frohlich.

The Texas Radio Theatre Company is dedicated to preserving the art of audio theatre where audience members are invited to create the story's imagery within their own mind.

Yay! Another new/old podcast from Texas Radio! Seriously, with awesome radio drama coming from Texas from Texas Radio, Schlock, and Third Coast Live, it gets more and more difficult to think nasty thoughts about Texas!!! ;-)

Them's good people.

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Rich said...

DB Humpries is in Missouri not Texas - Columbia Missouri to be specific. But if he accepts - I would do all in my power to give him an "honorary Texan" title. He was quite helpful in contributing to and shaping the Texas Radio Theatre. His encouragment was worth more than he could possibly imagine. We created a few original award winning characters - and he even came down to one of our performances. Orignally he wanted to just visit and be part of the audience - but we all know how Murphy's law works... DB was actually destined to be a PART of the show. An hour before "curtain" one of our members suddenly goes into labor and runs to the hospital... the only other audio dramatist nearby was... you guessed it - DB - and he took over the mixing board or the sound effects table - I can't remember specifically... but the fact that he had to step up and be part of the show certainly made it a night to remember.