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Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Panda on a Ghost Ship

UPDATE: LOLOLOLOL!! Oh that was a great episode! Seriously, I want the inside story of what Panda and Kit were doing for 4 hours in a broom closet (and not just in her devious little mind!).
Oh- oh - OH! I SO need to get me some of that knockout gas, because there are just some days with a couple extra whiny children... heeheeee...

"A cargo ship, hopelessly lost in the fog... from out of the darkness comes an eerie glow, bringing with it an impossible spectre from the past - and disaster!"

The next episode of the series that makes you wanna cuddle (you know, Panda... cute... cuddly... oh well it sounded funny in my head) is up and ready for your ears!

The gang from Decoder Ring Theatre continues their march towards world domination.. so gradually you won't even know when they've achieved it! ;-)


DecoderRing said...

lol... nice to know someone is reading those posts I put up on "no-show-weeks". One day we'll all just wake up and wonder when the country's name was switched to "Pandaland".... :)

Rod Renegade said...

You mean it's not Pandaland?... Pandamonia... or maybe perhaps Panada?

But... I should be careful...

Apparently it wouldn't be to hard to pull the wool over the eyes of the average geographically challenged youth these days.

DecoderRing said...

....Doing? In the broom closet? Why, waiting for the villains to bring us to their secret headquarters of course.

You're not suggesting...? Dani Cutler, behave yourself!

Audio Addict said...

*bats eyes innocently*
Yes Gregg.... ;-)

Hehe.. 'Panada'. I like it!

Jack said...

I have to admit.. I do appreciate the call backs on every episode.
"Kit Baxter... behave yourself!"

It's the aught's version of "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"

Well, maybe not. But it still is catchy!
Great show too. Nice tie in with the wooden boat. So how many Red Pandas do we get in a seasons?

DecoderRing said...

We seem to be pretty locked into sets of six. I'm not sure how I came up with that number, it obviously goes back to the original WWII shows, so it was a few years back...

Anyway, six it is and six it be. In our fall recording sessions we finished both Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice up to #12, and this spring we're recording up to #18 of both shows, with an eye to adding a sort of "grab bag" anthology show next winter to keep us on our toes.