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Sunday, July 09, 2006

What's up in the Afterhell?

I was just paroozing around and thought I would see how my friends at Ollin Productions were doing this summer.

And I found news!! Yippeeeeee!!!! Their first Afterhell production CD, Dark Descent, is now being offered in various places digitally: (a Polish-language site)
AOL MusicNow
Apple iTunes

If you've not heard the Afterhell series before, and are into graphic horror and excellent storylines, well go and give it a listen! It will give your imagination it's money's worth, I promise!

You just watch- there's a Mark Time with your name on it next year!

Congrats on going digital guys! May you have several thousand downloads. :-)


SamA said...
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SamA said...

Sorry couldn't edit my mis-spelling. I meant to say, "Here, here!".

Audio Addict said...

LOL! Here, here! Indeed!

At least you didn't say "hear hear!" Though, actually considering the subject, would also work. ;-)


Jamie said...

Hey Dani (and SamA)!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the support. It's always such a pleasant surprise to find there's folks out there who really enjoy what we do ... we try our best to not take it for granted.

I don't know if we'll have a new studio CD in time for next year's Mark Time/Ogle; but I do know they better hang onto their hats in the spring of 2008 ... [evil grin]

Thanks again!