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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Shifting" Gears...

Hi-ho folks. Your trusty S.A.A. Foreign Correspondent here with the first of an occasional feature featuring some new shows from new groups... or at least new to me...

Here's one I found at
Dramapod that's worth a look... Its called Second Shift... billed as a "comedic drama", it quickly starts rolling as a trip into fantasy as three Boston-area college students who work in a pizza parlor are pulled into a Fantasy-style adventure... and if I'm not yet sure why, I also don't mind not knowing yet. This one is very ambitious, there are a lot of characters and there's a lot going on - but it feels very much like those at the helm have a strong idea of where this is going, so I feel very comfortable settling in for the ride.

They seem to be getting the episodes out at a rate of one every two weeks or so, which I appreciate. This one looks to be setting up for a solid run, so get in on the ground floor, why dontcha?

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