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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's happening in the Dark Building

(Newsletter goodness in my email box! WooHOO!)

Gone but not forgotten, we hope! Yes, DRE's releases were on hiatus for a number of weeks, but we've not really gone anywhere! We've been right here working behind the scenes, preparing a whole new season of releases, which now begin with an early preview of our exclusive talk with Sally Wiget In the Dark Building Lounge! Have a cool drink, relax and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the Lounge, and hear how Sally got her start in acting, why she chose to work with a group of crazies like DRE, and who her favourite characters have been!

Then, prepare yourselves for more excitement in the weeks and months ahead as DRE brings you all-new releases! Including: A whole new season of madcap adventures aboard the Titan 1! Yes, Robotz of the Company's 3rd Season get's underway this October with new misadventures, new characters, and a new purpose?!! All will be revealed this fall, so stay tuned! Plus, we've got more Celena's Dreams for you, with amazing trips into the old west, a visit to a haunted house, and we'll even throw a little romance in for good measure!

That isn't enough for you?! Okay then, we can also promise a new trip inside the TARDIS, as our Doctor Who Fan Series returns with the exciting four part adventure "War Torn" written by Kyle Borcz and Julio Angel Ortiz. And if you want more, we have Kyle Borcz' amazing new suspense/thriller Soleil coming your way! And, as if that weren't enough, we're gonna throw in a whole new season of off-the-wall fun on the crashed ship the SS Squig! Yes, Squiglies (the Robotz of the Company spin-off) get's its own series this winter, coming exclusively from DREGold! So, don't miss any of the action! Seriously, don't do it! We know where you live!

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