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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

JC Hutchins Interview

UPDATE: I just found this really cool tidbit from, where else, SFF Audio: Podcast Novel / PODIOBOOK / 7th SonInfection by Scott SiglerJ.C. Hutchins' podiobook 7th Son, Book One: Descent is doing a clever crossover with Scott Sigler's lastest podcast novel Infection. This is the first time in the podcast history where two fiction podcasts have shared scenes! I'd guess that a mutual cross-pollination of listeners is the general idea but J.C. informs me there'll be some rewards for some careful listeners of both shows...

More details HERE. Now I've got a whole new podiobook I need to look into...

From Yesterday:
I first mentioned 7th Son about a week ago. I'm up to chapter 12. So when I saw on the Sci-Phi show there was an interview with the man behind this brilliant work of fiction, I put the rest of my life on hold to listen to it.

I mean, how can you NOT want to hear a book where the opening line is that the president is assassinated by a 4-year-old?

The BEST chapter so far, (well they are ALL good, but OMFG) was 9. All I will say is it was the most original way to take down a Vice President that I've EVER imagined... and I like to think I have a pretty wicked imagination... hehehe.

Listen to this great interview, and if THAT doesn't get you subscribed to this book, then I give up. You're just not the addict I think you are. :-P

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