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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cat Schlocking

Really, who the heck comes up with these subject lines? She-erm, whoever it is should be fired!

I noticed I have not visited Schlock Audio for some time, and thought I would give them a visit. I'm glad I did! Three- oh yeah THREE- hits from Columbia Audio:

Temporarily Dead - by Charles E. Pratt Jr.

The Schlock Writer has gotten truly evil and horrific with this serious piece about a man who buys a cryo-tube to beat his diagnosis of death. Produced under the CAT continuing series of ECLIPSE, Charles taps into the dark side of his existence to determine what it would be like if you were only TEMPORARILY DEAD.

The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower - by Paul Mannering

This wonderful horror tale swims up to bite you when a guy meets a girl in a bar and she sings her love to what end? Listen and find the true story of THE STRANGE FATE OF MATTHEW HORNBLOWER.

(I'm listening to this one now... and giggling at the love-songs in the background when Matt meets the lady...teeheee.... OOH! Now Matt is missing! Yikes!)

Sherlock Holmes - Scandal in Bohemia - adapted by Jonna Wiseman

Jonna Wiseman, a true Sherlock Holmes fan, wonderfully adapts and directs, a LIVE PRODUCTION of the classic Holmes tale where Sherlock is bested by..."The Woman". Listen and enjoy!!!

I can't wait to hear the dark side of Charles...
Download all these goodies and enjoy! Schlock rocks! :-D

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