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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Have I raved about this one yet?

UPDATE: Noooooooooo!!!! I've caught up! Dammit! I just finished chapter 24- and I all ready have the shakes because now I have to wait like EVERYONE else for chapters! It's like a drug, I tell you... I just- just- couldn't STOP! If you haven't started listening yet- well at this point you are just silly. I mean, JC has become a legend! Hmm.. I'm sure I have something around here to listen to in-between episodes...

From 6/25:
Because I should have- LONG ago! I have no clue why I waited so long to start listening to JC Hutchin's riveting novel, "7th Son", but I started listening three days ago. I'm only up to chapter 4... but it's got my attention, and this will probably be all I listen to until I catch up!

The prologue was enough to hook me- how often to do you hear of a 4 year old killing the President? Then I am totally loving the King-style of how he's setting up each clones character- and- and-

Oh you just have to listen. However, apparently I'm the last person to start listening, so you may all scold me now for my negligence.

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