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Thursday, July 06, 2006

And the winner is....

Hi-ho, your shiny new S.A.A. Foreign Correspondent here with his first post since our Audio Addict got fed up with my constant "tips" and put me on the payroll.

This one comes from Jerry Stearns who, in addition to his duties with Great Northern Audio, is also the co-ordinator of the Mark Time and Ogle Awards. Presented by the American Society for Science Fiction Audio, these awards recognize excellence in Audio Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror. The awards will be presented at Convergence on July 7th in Bloomington, MN... but the winners have been announced and here they are!

Tenth Annual Mark Time Awards and Ogle Awards
(Winners for the 2005 production year)

MARK TIME AWARDS for Science Fiction Audio

Anne Manx on Amazonia
Radio Repertory Company of America
Angelo Panetta, producer. Written by Larry Weiner

Steve the Second
CBC Radio A&E
Joe Mahoney, producer. Written by Matt Watts.

Strawberry Automatic
Richard Sellers, producer. Written by T. Ray Gordon

OGLE AWARDS for Fantasy/Horror Audio

The Confessions of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
Willamette Radio Workshop
Sam A. Mowry, producer. Written by William S. Gregory
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Jerry Robbins, producer/writer

A Long Vacation
Birke Duncan, producer. Written by Garrett Vance & Birke Duncan

Congratulations to all the Winners! Some folks on the list whose work I have yet to hear, which is always exciting... I'm sure no one is surprised to see Willamette Radio Workshop and Colonial Radio Theatre on that list. Great work as always!

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Audio Addict said...

Hehe.. never EVER fed up with your tips my friend. It just seemed like the natural progression. ;-) I'm happy to have you on board!

Though I do miss the whisperings in my ear...oh ok it's just my email but still. *giggle*

I see I have new things to check out as well, but definitely congratulations are due to Williamette and Colonial! (And no, this addict ain't surprised in the slightest!)

You all so totally rock!