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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

iTunes Updating Category List

I'm just going to post this email I received from iTunes in its entirety, just in case some of the podcasters might not have received it:

Greetings from the iTunes Podcasting Team:

Today we launched a revised set of categories for podcasts listed in the iTunes Music Store. We're sending you this email to let you know how to change your podcast feed to accommodate these changes. The revised categories and subcategories are listed at the bottom of this message. Please take the time to change your podcast feed as soon as possible. Please note that we will support the use of the old category names for the next few months, so there is no immediate deadline for making these changes. We will send another message before discontinuing support for the old category names.

When we read your RSS feed, we capture and store up to 3 category+subcategory pairs, and we use all of them to populate the browse lists that you see when you click the "Browse" link in the Music Store. However, the first category+subcategory pair listed in your feed is the most important, since it is the one listed as the Category field on your podcast page, and it is the only one used to map your podcast into the category feature pages.

Most of the old categories and subcategories are now automatically mapped to corresponding ones within the new system. For example, if your podcast was listed under "Arts & Entertainment > Photography", it will now appear under "Arts > Visual Arts." However, 3 categories have been removed and do not have a similar replacement: "International", "Talk Radio", and "Public Radio". Those categories overlapped with others in the old system, making some podcasts difficult to find. If one of these categories is listed as the first subject in your podcast feed, that category information will be ignored and the second category will be used to determine eligibility and placement in that feature page.

Changes to your categories may take 1-2 weeks from the time you edit your feed, so please review and add new category data as soon as possible to ensure your podcast is listed appropriately. New categories and subcategories that did not exist in the old browse structure will appear as podcasts are mapped to them.

For specific instructions on adding categories to your page, refer to the iTunes:category section of the technical spec. Note that the spec will be updated soon with new category data, but the format is the same:

The new categories and subcategories are listed below. Note that some of the new categories may not yet appear in the Music Store because they are not yet populated by podcasts.

Best Regards--

The iTunes Podcasting Team


Categories are listed below, with their subcategories listed beneath them:

* Design
* Fashion & Beauty
* Food
* Literature
* Performing Arts
* Visual Arts
* Business News
* Careers
* Investing
* Management & Marketing
* Shopping
* Educational Technology
* Higher Ed
* K-12
* Language Courses
* Training
Games & Hobbies
* Automotive
* Aviation
* Hobbies
* Other Games
* Video Games
Government & Organizations
* Local
* National
* Non-Profit
* Regional
* Alternative Health
* Fitness & Nutrition
* Self-Help
* Sexuality
Kids & Family
News & Politics
Religion & Spirituality
* Buddhism
* Christianity
* Hinduism
* Islam
* Judaism
* Other
* Spirituality
Science & Medicine
* Medicine
* Natural Sciences
* Social Sciences
Society & Culture
* History
* Personal Journals
* Philosophy
* Places & Travel
Sports & Recreation
* Amateur
* College & High School
* Outdoor
* Professional
* Gadgets
* IT News
* Podcasting
* Software How-To
TV & Film

I noticed that if you use Libsyn for your podcast hosting, you can easily make changes by going under the "settings" tab after you log in. :-) Wouldn't want anyone's feed to get lost in the changes!

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