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Sunday, July 09, 2006

FM radio being shut out by...

Duh. ;-)

In a recent survey by Bridge ratings, listeners were asked if certain types of digital media affected their terrestrial radio listening. Well.....

Those surveyed were asked if their usage of satellite radio, Internet radio, recorded music in general, P2P file sharing, podcasting and MP3 players was affecting listenership to terrestrial radio. Overall, the competing mediums are taking a bite out of regular radio, with an overall decline in the total amount of listening. Many respondents did say that other mediums cause them to listen to the radio more often, especially podcasting (58 percent), P2P file sharing (51 percent) and MP3 players (42 percent). However, radio is losing out mainly to Internet radio, with 55 percent saying it cause them to listen to less traditional radio.

I found it sort of odd that listening to podcasts caused some to listen to the radio MORE often. I'm not sure what would be the case of that, other than perhaps listening to mainstream music?

And THEN- I found the result details:

  • Listeners to Adult Hits radio stations spend more time with traditional radio than they do with any of the digital options listed.
  • However, Preference 1 listeners (or those that consider Rock radio to be their favorite) who also have satellite radio subscriptions spend less hours per week with their terrestrial favorite than they do with their satellite radio, MP3 player or listening to music on the Internet. Cumulatively, this negatively impacts rock radio listening more than any other format listed.
  • Listeners who consider their Urban formatted station their favorite tend to spend more time with their MP3 players in a typical week than they do with their favorite terrestrial Urban station.

It seems almost foreign to me now to actually listen to the radio, other than to find a station for my FM transmitter.

1 comment:

dustdaughter said...

Every now and then I'll take a peek at what the local stations are doing/playing. After an hour, I've heard all the songs they'll play for the next month and they're never talking about anything interesting or substantial. So I'm happy to go back to my mp3 player after that. :)