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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Addict Blog Is A Year Old!

Wow! I'm so totally going to party today. I was sifting through some things, and realized that I have had this blog for a year. A year- TODAY.

It was just one summer ago that I began this journey, with an entirely different goal in mind (hence the url "societyfans"). I never dreamed it would morph into the deluge of audio-goodness it has become!

All this audio stuff even got me to get going on my own podcast, as well as doing a little voice work for the gang over at DRE too. What a year! (All right, it was just credits at the end of a show, but STILL.)

It's only the beginning too... because really when you have something like this, and you are a blog-o-holic-audio-addict like I am, it really only can get better, I think.

And- I actually have FANS! People who I am fans of, are my fans! That just makes me feel all tingly. It's so totally cool to get all the emails I do, the comments, and the tips, and the love. :-)

Don't stop, my ego demands it.

My ego also demands presents! I want presents, acknowledgement, and fawning. This is what I want. Everyone who has not yet signed my frappr map- won't you kindly go and do so? (I'm batting my eyes here people.)

All you regular readers- tell a friend, and link to me! I want to be seething with traffic here! Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but dammit I am a one-year-old.

Just wait until I hit my terrible twos. ;-)

Party on, Addicts.


DecoderRing said...

Well, Dani, fawning though it may be; I think the two best things to happen to modern audio drama in the last year are the start of Sonic Society and the start of the Audio Addict blog. The inclusive nature of both those projects have, in their own ways, created a sense of community among audio producers that I don't think was present a year ago, or at least not a pervasive. And having a widely known venue for news and happenings is pretty darn good too.

So in the words of the great Sir Porky Pig... "Happy B-b-b-b-birthday you th-thing from another world." ...Yes, that was the best quote I could come up with. It's 7:23 for pete's sake

SamA said...

Happy Pod-day to you. Thank you Dani for taking the time to shine a light on the wonderful though unsung audio drama world. Now that you've been singing for a year, fame and fortune will surely follow. If not, we still have you and that's saying alot.
Many happy returns,
SamA and the
Willamette Radio Workshop

P.S. Hope you had a great poddy. (Puns, you can't resist them ;+)

Audio Addict said...

LMAO! Oh Sam, as someone who has had to "poddy train" two children- that was just about the funniest thing I've ever read!!!!

Thank you!