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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oy, just a little behind... and a little lazy

You know the addict is scrambling when she can't even get the blog entry up about the podcast SHE puts together! How sad is that?

I blame the heat. I'm feeling so lazy... I'm not even doing my normal political ranting!
(Those who know me are going to now make sure I'm ok- because I'm ALWAYS up for political ranting!)

I'm even too lazy today to put pictures with the posts I'm doing! You can't get any lazier than that I think.

Anyway, the next podcast for Sonic Society has been up for two days now. But I'm sure this post is irrelevant because you've all downloaded it from all your podcatchers by now. ;-)

Dragon Song is a delightfully touching fantasy story by Texas Radio Theatre- if you've never heard it before, and you're looking for something a little out there, then this is the perfect "sleeper" surprise. (Not that it's surprising, because all their plays are really good, but I mean- oh forget it. I'm just digging my hole deeper with each key press.)

I think I need a nap...

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