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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fan Mail

I'm really quite a loser. Bob emailed me 11 days ago. ELEVEN DAYS. And I'm just now getting to him. I totally suck. Anyway, he had tons of great things to say about HIS addiction, Darker Projects:

I've been really enjoying your blog since I found you about two months ago. You've turned me on to several podcasts and audio programs that I didn't know about before.

You should go back to Darker Projects ( and look around. Besides the original series "Alive Inside" (now up to four episodes), there are other original series such as "Night Terrors", a horror anthology, "The Falcon Banner", based on a novel by the same name, "Generation 1", a post-apocalyptic series about what happens when all the adults die, "The Byron Chronicles", a series about an immortal who, while pursuing his own mysterious agenda, deals with the unseen supernatural world. The fan-based series include two Star Trek-based series, "Section-31 Files" and "Pioneers", and a Doctor Who series. There are several new series in development. One, "Dark Matter", will be debuting soon. It is a scifi anthology series in a darker shade.

Go back there an take a longer look around. You'll find a lot to like. The production qualities, especially on "The Falcon Banner" are fully professional.

Then a couple days ago he sent me MORE to check out!

Sword Of Windsor

By the 22nd century, mankind had stretched forth its hand to command the stars. But then came the war with the Amsus. And the Terrain Empire was brought to ruin. Now humanity is nothing more than a defeated and conquered race. Yet even in these dark and oppressive times The hope for freedom still burns bright.

Written by Eric Busby.
Based on The Falcon Banner novels by Christopher Patrick Lydon.
Original music composed and performed by Kai Hartwig and Kevin MacLeod.

Now THAT is an addict for ya! Thank you for the tips Bob! :-)

1 comment:

DecoderRing said...

Totally agree with Bob.... Darker Projects does a lot of great work... and they put out a lot of shows, they must have quite the team invoved. Falcon Banner is pretty astounding, as is Byron Chronicles, and with so many efforts coming out, there's bound to be at least one (and probably more) to every addict's taste.