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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Who was that 12-year-old girl?

Because that is ALL I heard while listening to the aforementioned show- a clearly nervous (thanks for pointing that out Dave- LOL) 12-year-old girl.


Well, my daughters were tickled pink- "OMG MOM! You sound TOTALLY AWESOME!" They seemed not to notice me walking around the room, hitting my head against the wall. Or maybe they did, because they both drew me pictures saying "Great Job!"

My two biggest fans, I hope always. :-)

Anyway, the podcast will be up soon- keep checking the feed to your right. If you missed it, and are absolutely DYING of curiosity, check the CKDU archive. The show begins around 21:10.

To the Schlock Theatre guys- How'd ya score Jack Nicholson? Or maybe it was Christian Slater, doing his role from Heathers? ;-) Great cheese, as always!


UPDATE: The podcast is up! Check out the fine mix of Wax, Addict, and Norwegians HERE!

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