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Thursday, February 02, 2006

New FREE Podcast Creation Software

Have you had excuse after excuse to NOT make that podcast? (Addict answer: yes) Have your biggest concerns been time, money, and webspace? (Addict answer: yes)

It seems the excuses are over- through Podcasting News I found quite the gem- but to use it you will have to put any bias of Bill Gates aside, 'cause it's Microsoft.

PodcastSPOTS Wizard 2.0 is a patent-pending system built on top of Microsoft's .NET technologies. With the Wizard, podcasters can now create podcasts of any size, and use unlimited bandwidth. With the wizard, users click the Publish button after recording an episode, and a website is automatically created.

OK, it might be late and I may need to read the details a bit closer tomorrow (later today?), but right now I'm thinking this is a very good thing.


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