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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The new buzz about iPod

Well... this certainly perked up this audio addict's, uh, ears:

iBuzz Coming to US

ibuzz_2.jpg(from Podcasting News) People may be soon be experiencing podcasts in ways never before imagined. iBuzz, the iPod personal vibrator, is being launched in the US on February 24th, to coincide with the birthday of Apple head Steve Jobs.

The device, from makers Love Labs, is music-activated and can be connected to any iPod, MP3 player or music source. The iBuzz has a "bullet" that vibrates in time with the music being played. When the volume goes up, the vibrations get stronger.

"We love the iPod and we love it even more when an iBuzz is attached!" notes the iBuzz site. "And Steve, don't forget to check your mail on your birthday for a surprise from us!"

The iBuzz is supplied with his and hers attachments, white iPod-style wires to connect to a music source and a headphone splitter so users can listen to their music while enjoying the vibrations. The iBuzz can also be used as a stand-alone personal massage device with seven vibration patterns.

The device will ship in the US February 24th. iBuzz costs $59.99 plus $7.50 shipping.

More information is available at the site.

Well... Happy Birthday Steve! It would sure make a couple podcasts I know of even more enjoyable than they all ready are...

Oooh #1
Oooh #2

I can think of one friend of mine, who is a HUGE Apple slave- erm, fan, who I bet has one on backorder... :-P

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