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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Podcast Premire: Silent Universe

UPDATE: I listened to the first episode earlier today- and OMG! They were NOT kidding when they said it was like BSG and 24. I had to stop working so I could devote the entire time to listening, that is just how awesome it was!
Go hither and retrieve this podcast! Now you addict you!

Our friends at the online sci-fi review blog SFFAudio found a good good thing:

Something like a mix between “24” and the new “Battlestar Galactica,” the Silent Universe portrays a future haunted by nuclear proliferation, rogue dictators and terrorism. Fans can listen to the series and also participate in its development by providing feedback to the production team in the “backstage” forums.

The premiere on February 15th is a high tension character-driven drama that makes no bones about portraying some of the darker aspects of the human psyche, including racism. Still, it can be upbeat enough to poke fun at pop scifi and make the occasional quip about cyberculture, while its heroic cast struggles to keep the solar system from erupting into war.

But as much as the Silent Universe is about entertainment, it’s also about proving how new internet technologies can be put to commercial use. The series will include embedded commercial sponsorships, and be parallel-released via BitTorrent, a free file-sharing technology that effectively makes concerns about bandwidth-usage irrelevant. While the MPAA has been busy shutting down sites that use this technology to illegally share movies, the production team of the Silent Universe has realized that BitTorrent can be used to make distribution of their podcast basically free.

Still, the Silent Universe has one other crusade to fight: showing that grass-roots media is capable of producing quality and entertaining content outside of the corrosive influences of Hollywood. The podcast’s producer, a young writer who goes by the nom de plume “J. Marcus Xavier,” was twice rejected by the University of Southern California’s film program, and instead entered their business school to study marketing. Now, armed with the business-savvy learned from the Marshall School, he aims to prove that the convergence of creativity, good marketing sense and technology can form not only a profitable business model, but create a healthy symbiosis between producers of content and its fanbase.

If you know me, you know that all you have to do is mention '24', and I'm all over it. So I will definitely be tuning into this new podcast starting February 15th!
Who ever said I wasn't a sci-fi fan? Oh wait- right. That was me. Well, I was completely full of it! :-D

Thanks Brad!

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BRB said...

Oh good, I had a sinking feeling it would be terrible. Don't look now, but sffaudio has alerted us to yet another audio drama on the horizon (it's getting out of control!):

Looks less promising, however.