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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Attention Sci-Fi Writers!

From Podcasting News:

Escape Pod, a science fiction magazine in podcast form, has announced that it is raising its rates for authors. The podcast magazine will pay $50 for short stories to podcast, and $20 for flash fiction.

"We distribute our audio for free, so it's voluntary listener support that pays our authors," said editor Steve Eley. "Our listeners have responded very generously, giving us even more than we needed. It's only right that we should put that money back into stories, to acquire and deliver better and better work."

According to Escape Pod, it was the first and is still the only paying market for podcasted fiction. The magazine is supported 100% by listener donations.

"I had no idea that we could do so well so quickly," said Eley. "The key is fun, I think; our authors find it fun to hear their work read, and our listeners have fun hearing it. Fun turns out to be a great business model."

Escape Pod was launched in May 2005 by Steve Eley as an attempt to bring short fiction into the new medium of podcasting. It has several thousand listeners and has featured stories by Stephanie Burgess, Cory Doctorow and Tim Pratt.

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