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Thursday, February 23, 2006

iTunes and Featured Podcasts

More Apple goodness. From a neat blog I found through PBS, his article this week focused on Featured Podcasts on several directories, and how Apple might lean more towards corporate or commercial podcasts before selecting others:

"The bigger mystery has been Apple├é’s iTunes Podcast Directory, with its plethora of featured slots. At the top of the directory├é’s home page are three large graphical spots that catch your eye in a big way. I noticed recently that those slots now rotate to feature 12 different podcasts. Plus, when you dig deeper into genres, there are more featured content slots, usually for podcasts from larger organizations. The sports category, for instance, features ESPN, CSTV and podcasts."

However, Escape Pod has been featured in the iTunes podcast directory, so really who the heck knows?

What it really comes down to is something totally random, with really the only way you can manipulate it maybe even a bit is to just be active in the podcasting community. I know when I first made my account on Podcast Pickle, I became a featured profile after only a couple of days, which was pleasantly surprising. Then other places like Podcast Alley do it by popularity and voting, so as I said, random chaos.

Today, we have this in iTunes:

It's always fun trying to figure out chaos though. :-)

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