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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Is your podcast just a temporary hobby waiting to fade to black? I actually started wondering about this very thing when I was interviewed on Sonic Society. Then I came across an article in Wired News that touched on the same idea. There are thousands of podcasts out there to choose from, and quite honestly alot are just idle chatter by people who are only talking because they CAN. It's the downside of podcasting, it's so damn easy if you can press a record button and have a $10 headset.

Which I 100% feel that everyone deserves a shot at. You never know where you are going to find talent, and even the most simple of ideas turn into the most popular podcasts on the internet. Actually, it doesn't even have to be popular. It's not like you will be cancelled if you don't have high ratings.

This is why I love the radio drama podcasts. Most of the original casts you know are going to stick around, because they have made it a career. If it were just a fad, they wouldn't even be able to get together to record their scripts, much less write them. It takes a unique love and passion for the art to keep up this sort of momentum- a love they have been sharing over the airwaves long before podcasting was a sparkle in Adam Curry's gorgeous eyes.

Podcasting has just given their passion more room in which to grow, and spread to addicts like you and me. :-)

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