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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Have I achieved geekdom?

It was bound to happen I suppose. All my life I grew up avoiding (denying?) the geek crowd- I listened to hard rock, worshipped Madonna, dated guys way too old for me, had average grades, and ditched ALOT of school. Though it's hard to not be a geek when you played in Orchestra since the 4th grade, so I was always surrounded by them. I guess my future continued to be foreshadowed by the fact I had a massive crush on my Algebra teacher. Enough to request him for three of my years of high school. (What else was going to get me to "zero" hour class that started at 7am?)

And no, said math teacher was NOT one of the older guys I dated. :-P

Never mind the fact that I've always had an obsession with audio and sound. Probably the musician in me. This Mom sports one of the best sounding minivans on the block! (Thanks Andy!) Then Al Gore had to go and invent the internet (oh crap geek humor!), and I guess that sealed my geeky fate.

So this wonderful blog entry I found included in a list of places to find podiobooks was quite the compliment:

Society of Audio Addicts An utterly random collection, a great geek site for people who want to learn more about doing it yourself. "All over the globe, we listen. We listen to talk radio and radio dramas. We have books on CD. We download podcasts. Audio is our Passion. We hunger for more."

Teeheee... Geek girls do rock indeed. Thanks Nea!

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