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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stick it in (or over) your ears!

For those who are indeed audio addicts, and have no price tag for getting excellent sound quality, I found an article this morning about none other than headphones.

"A number of headphone options are available to improve the listening experience on portable music players. They include wireless headsets that can free you from having to deal with wires, sound-isolating earphones that form an acoustically sealed zone inside your ear canals, and noise-canceling headphones that reduce sounds in your environment. Some of the options can work with cell phones as well, allowing you to toggle between phone calls and music on the fly."

It just gets better... if I traveled more by plane, I would so fork over the cash for some noise-cancelling headphones- because that would be my biggest gripe for sound. Especially listening to radio drama, so you're not sitting there messing with the volume all the time.

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