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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Next- on the Sonic Society

Did you all have that announcer/narrator-voice in your head? I did, but then again that is how I do all my thinking- in the "announcer-voice".

"Today- we find Dani on an excursion she will not soon forget- to the bank. But NO! You think she is going to withdraw money... when in fact the tables turn and she finds herself actually depositing funds into her account."

OK.... It's 1:30 in the morning- this is what you get. There is a reason I listen to radio drama, and do not write it. ;-)

OK, before everyone runs off screaming and I fall asleep on my keyboard- there is an old friend of the Society returning for some more B-movie fun... Schlock Theatre and "House of Wax".

Then, before the next episode of Yankee Clipper, there is an interview. I'm confused on exactly who the interview is with however... as the show notes tell two different tales. I for one am going to root for the latter of the two that I saw in the notes. Otherwise I'm just going to have a red embarrassed face all evening... (now ya wanna look, don'tcha?)

Well, the only way to find out the truth in this dilemma is to LISTEN! Tonight! 8pm eastern!

Geez, I gotta get to bed.. I haven't been this incoherent since my wedding day.


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