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Friday, February 03, 2006

Dr. Who Podcast

From Brisbane (that's Australia mate!) - a Dr. Who fan club whose President is so crazy over Dr. Who, he created audio plays for it! Now there is an addict for ya!

Take a look-see at BTR productions (Back to Reality... love that), and download their latest adventure, "Big Hugs of Terror":

Short Trips & Side Steps: Big Hugs of Terror
by Darran Jordan
There are some corners of the Universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything that we believe in. They must be fought.
So when the Doctor and Guy arrive in a pastoral field, and find things to be just a little too garish for their tastes, they suddenly realize that they are facing their worst enemy yet.
The Doctor has faced "Eeeeevil from the Dawn of Tiiiiime" before, but enemies like Fenric, the Toymaker and the Great Intelligence were nothing compared to what he must now overcome.
Surrounded by killer rabbits and undigestible toast, can the Doctor and Guy escape their captors' clutches, and make it back to the safety of the TARDIS, before being subjected to the dreaded Big Hug?

See- who can pass up killer rabbits and undigestible toast?

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