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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Total. Podcast. Bliss.

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekend's I've had in a long time on the podcasting/audio front. Now, believe it or not I'm a fairly introverted person. (Oh stop laughing you. And YOU! You too over there.. ) Honestly, I usually drag my husband with me to things he would have absolutely no interest in, but I want to go, and I need someone to cower behind. (He's 6'1" and I'm 5'2"- so he makes GREAT cover!) I would rather drive around in circles for hours, then ask someone for directions because it would require striking up a conversation with someone- and a total stranger to boot! Really, I'm a total wuss. I probably will just sit in my hotel room at the Expo because I'll be too afraid to go and MEET people. But I digress, as is so easy for me to do online...

Saturday I drove across town to be on Michael and Evo's Wingin' It podcast (yes they are here in AZ- as I'm finding TONS of awesome podcasters that are right here in the same area codes!) They will think this sounds totally silly, but I was nervous. I mean, EVERYONE knows who they are, and everything they do. With all due respect to Adam Curry, they are the true podfathers in my book. Hell, Evo co-wrote a book on it!
I remember when I met Robin Wilson, when he was playing solo gigs Friday nights at Long Wong's (oh how I miss you Long Wong's!) about 4 or 5 years ago. He took a break and walked outside, and my brother was all, go and talk to him chicken! He's just a person, like anyone else. Well yah- he totally was, and we stood outside talking for like 20 minutes, then he came back in and played my favorite song, "Allison Road". GOD I'm such a sucker for a man with a guitar! But again, I digress...

Evo has always been very gracious to me, answering every email and trying to get my ass up there to be on the show for a few months now. For one reason or another, it just never came to pass. This was really my fault, on top of life things getting in the way.
I think I got the biggest kick in the previously-mentioned ass when FFOW premiered. It has always been easier to pimp other people than pimp myself. So I emailed Evo, and he was like "F-yeah! Come on up!" (loosely quoting him here) So I did. :-)

I could have hung out with these crazy sons-of-bitches ALL DAY. No, not just because of the beer. It was one awesome freaking time- that's why! Never will you meet more down-to-earth people. They were finishing up Slice of Sci Fi and their VM shows, and I sat in on the recording. And was just in heaven. I did get to speak up now and then in the Wingin' It VM show, and of course my big moment in the regular show, but honestly I could have just sat there all day and listened in. But I did pretty good, holding my own in the group of 50 (ok like 12 maybe) that were crammed into the little studio. I did my Halifax boys proud, I think.

I even managed to plug myself a bit too... and I left on such a high! Radio/podcasting/audio- OMFG being there just confirmed what I all ready knew. This is SO what I want to be doing!
I drove home and with my trusty phone card called Jack up in NS. Got his voicemail, so I called Andrew next, and he was home! So he got to hear me talk a mile a minute and describe my day to him.
After I talked his ear off, I was thinking about how far I've come in this whole audio thing. The first time I was actually *on* the radio? Yep, it was when I was in Halifax. They had to COAX like, two sentences out of me. And even then I was all mousy and quiet. Oh, how far I've come in just two years' time. And yet, it doesn't feel as if two years have passed.

Listen and hear for yourself! I don't think I slurred my words...


Tee said...

So, does this mean you'll be hanging out with us at the Portable Media Expo instead of hiding out in your room? :^)

I look forward to meeting you. Your WI premiere was terrific!

Audio Addict said...

Awww... Thank you! :-)

I'm definitely at the Expo... and I *think* I can be pursuaded to leave my room and join in on all the fun! ;-)

Wish I could have afforded the workshop package though- but that is a goal for next year I suppose.

Looking forward to meeting you too, Tee!

Chiefted said...


Ok you have a new subscriber to both your postcasts. After hearing you talk about them with M and E I look forward to hearing them tonight when I get home (they are downloading right now).


Audio Addict said...

Why thank you Ted! Please let me know what you think!