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Friday, August 18, 2006

OK I can let a small cat out of the bag

I was waiting until I was ready, and well, since I have put my very first review up, I guess it's safe to spill my news.

I'm very honored and proud to say I've been asked to join the awesome gang at SFFAudio as a reviewer/contributor! *big-ass grin*
I mean sheeeet... you see me linking to their fantastic posts ALL THE TIME! I was greatly tickled (appropriately of course) to even be asked!

So I've been working hard all week, even neglecting my dear Truth Seekers board... to make my very first review as informative and perfect and fun and most excellent as I could. (And without run-on sentences and fragments like these last two.)

Click on over to see my debut review, and of course I'd LOVE feedback. This is the first time I was actually semi-serious in a posting! :-P

Thanks Jesse and Scott, you two rock!

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Thank you Audio Addict! We're really jazzed to have you aboard. :D