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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A few SS eggs, one AA basket

Oh, I don't know wtf that means. I was trying to be witty and I'm feeling rather grumpy this evening. :-(

But I wanted to get this post up before I crawled into an ice-cream filled hole.

The second to the last re-cast of Sonic Society is up-up-UP and away! My 20 weeks of lazy podcasting is almost to an end. They will soon start requiring actual work out of me. Hmm... I think next week I will re-play the last show of the season. I'll have to check with the Supreme bosses up on high about that. But it makes sense to me.

Season Two premieres September 12th- I think everyone should listen in, then send them a voicemail about how awesome the show is. Or was. Or- ah, whatever. Yes, they have a voicemail line- 206-984-2383. That's 206-984-BEUF. You figure out what it means. I just like saying "beuf", but it's usually after a big meal.

Let's see.. eggs, eggs... OH! Firefly. OMFG- you will not BELIEVE the response to the first episode. There have been like, since the 22nd when it came out, 6 THOUSAND freaking downloads! Is that like, completely insane or what? All the reviews have been pretty positive, and 99% of the reviews have been REALLY positive. People love this Firefly stuff. So I guess congratulations go out to them, all the hard work they have put into this project is really paying off I think.

So, the next episode should be up by the end of the week, for all those Browncoats that have been inquiring. Hey- why don't you leave them a voicemail and tell them how great it is? Call 206-984-ADUD. (LOL- I hope THAT one doesn't catch on!)

OK, I've gone on way too long all ready, and my ice cream is melting. Later!

1 comment:

DecoderRing said...

No surprise at those numbers here... and I don't think you'll see them drop off at all as the story continues.