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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I can finally end my teasing!

Because it's official now! OK, here's a little back story:

Your friends at Sonic Society who bring you all the awesome audio cinema you've been listening to for a year now have their own production company too, Sonic Cinema. For the past 5 months they have been working very very very very very very hard on a fan production of the Firefly tv series.

And they're finished! WooHOOOO!

Well, with episode 1 anyway. I think episode 2 as well, but I'm not sure. It's at least in final production. Anyway, episode 1 is posted and ready for everyone's waiting browncoat ears! OK, that deserves another wooHOOOOO!

I can go on and on and on and on about this, really. You know I can. But it would be so much better, and rewarding for YOU to just go over and take a listen! Besides, you'll even hear ME in places, like interviewing these blokes.

And really, it's all about me, right? Well, at least that is what my husband says, but usually with thicker sarcasm. Hmmmm...... *giggle*

Enjoy people- and remember to spread this signal around the podcasting 'verse!

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