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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fun Decoder Ring Stuff

Well, our Foreign Correspondent isn't going to brag about himself- he's way too humble. (That's a good thing. :-) )

So I'll do it for him. :-) Do you just LOVE this new logo? They've got one for the Red Panda too. It completely and totally rocks. See what happens when you join MySpace? You meet people who DO stuff.

Oh, and Greg posts awesome video clips of their recordings on the podcast blog, the latest one was so great! Yes, that Peter is dynamic! LOL! I think more of yous audio cinema peeps should do this sort of thing. Fans like me eat this stuff UP.

I will keep my fingers crossed on the Podcast Award, I know I voted every day! Hopefully I'll be there so see them call Decoder's name in person, as I'm once again on the track to getting to the Expo next month!

I will shriek loudly, I promise. :-)


DecoderRing said...

...Alas and alack, dear Addict, you will be shrieking for a show called Anime Pulse that carried the day in the Cultural/Arts category.

The list of winners in all the categories except the big two (which they're savin' for the Expo) has been posted at

Just making the final five proves to me that we've got a swell core of Firefly level fans punching above their weight in the nomination process. And if you think the gratuitous Firefly reference was just to segue to my comments on Old Wounds two posts below....

Audio Addict said...

Now how the rut did I miss that? I even went to the site to look at the page when I was making this post.

I'm insane. And they are dumb.
There will be no shrieking. Even Podcast Pickle didn't win for best directory. BAH!

Next year! Darn it! Although, the first round of votes was difficult for me, cause there is you AND Sonic Society. Yikes!

DecoderRing said...

lol... it was only posted late last night, so don't kick yourself too hard.

No sour grapes from me... I don't know Anime Pulse because (to the continued bafflement of my many friends who are) I'm not into Anime. But lots of people are and lots of those people obviously dig Anime Pulse, and that's how it goes. Anyway, it was fun to make the shortlist.

To quote next week's Black Jack... "It is possible that I sighed. But there was no one around to swear to it"