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Monday, January 23, 2006

New Web Look, Same Great Radio Drama

Lookie! Jack left everyone a note on the newly-designed Sonic Society webpage!
Go and see... it looks great!

The podcasting is still coming along famously, and you can now link to either Radio Memories OR directly to the Sonic Society podcasts. So, catch up on the shows you have missed, and subscribe so you can continue to get shows in the future! Feeds are up on the Sonic website, or just glance a little to the right to get to them from here. :-)

Then there is the show in store for us Tuesday! We go visit our friends at Decoder Ring Theatre for another adventure with The Red Panda. Then we continue to sail the mysterious seas in the 4th episode of The Yankee Clipper.

Whew! Lots of things happening with the Society! But once that snowball starts rolling, it's hard to slow it down.

And that's a good thing. :-)


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