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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Fan Project

It's a good information day for the addict! Did y'all know there is a Battlestar Galactica Fan Series out there? Well- there is! (Forgive me if everyone is saying "well duh we knew that", I'm a little slow on the sci-fi front... )

Anywho... the authors of this 12-part series are looking for a few good voices. Here's an idea of what they are looking for:

Episode 1 is narrated by the author and includes selected voices from some of the leaders of Galactican fandom. Other key fandom personalities will appear throughout follow-on episodes.

30-ish military commander – overly stiff in his voice deliver (a
fairly extensive role through two episodes).

A 50 year old military commander, distinctive leadership voice (one scene). A 20-ish male investigator (one scene).

A Moses type, powerful voice with overwhelming pursuation (plays a
minor role in one episode and is a key figure in two more).

A happy-go-lucky rogue with a slight Jamaican accent (key figure
throughout several scenes in entire series).

A female officer who can perform the caring, motherly role with a
(correction: with sympathy) tone. (she is a secondary character throughout the series)

A snakish politician who can deliver good sounding statements with an
aura of being a con-man (also a secondary character but one that exists throughout the entire series).

A goddess (literally) with the sweetest and most sensual voice an
actress can muster (a key role in one episode).

A commanding voice with a very slight British accent. Failing this,
we could go for a hint of an Eastern European accent. (A key role in two episodes).

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