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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tension growing between music industry and digital radio

Well it seems the music industry is now worried about digital and satellite radio, and the ability to make copies of songs heard through radio streams. From the CNET Article:

"At issue are new devices that can record and save high-quality digital copies of tunes as they're being broadcast by these new networks. Recording executives are worried that consumers might increasingly opt to make such copies instead of purchasing the music on a commercial CD or from a download store like Apple Computer's iTunes."

"For now, the most pressing issues focus on whether digital broadcasts can be legally recorded and archived. For instance, a new device from Sirius radio called the S50 lets people save individual songs. Sirius and the RIAA are in negotiations over this device.

XM Satellite Radio pulled a PC-based radio receiver from the market last year over music-copying concerns, and the company says none of its devices can now be used to transfer and store content on a computer. XM says it is happy to continue talking to the record industry about its products.

"The year 2006 will be one of negotiation between satellite radio and the music industry," said XM spokesman Nathaniel Brown. "Music is an important partner for XM, and we look forward to continuing our discussions with them in hopes of arriving at a business solution that fits everyone."

Similarly, radio broadcasters are worried about RIAA proposals to change the way digital radio is sent over the air. Labels have proposed several ideas, ranging from a "broadcast flag"-like marker in digital broadcasts, which would prevent recordings from being traded online, to wholesale encryption of radio streams to prevent recording."

This will be an interesting debate to follow. I know I have recorded shows before that are streamed, and there are several programs around ( as I am sure any true audio addict knows all ready), to aid you in editing as needed. It may be the music industry worrying at the moment, but this could potentially effect anyone who has a radio show streamed on the web or satellite.

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