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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PME Day Two... and post- expo thoughts

UPDATE! Link here to get a little audio from the roving Audio Addict reporter at the expo- asking the all important question and expressing herself so... eloquently. *rolls eyes*

I also neglected to mention two very important ladies who I also met at the expo- Jennifer and Jackie from The Morning BrewCast. I'm a horrible person to neglect two wonderful ladies. One of them is a fellow Pickle Reporter now, too! :-)

(I also have a few extra pictures up since yesterday too!)

From 10/2:
You notice how I wrote "PMD" in the sub line from the first day? Man, I was tired! I'm leaving it for my own amusement. I have a link at the bottom to some photos, and there are more coming to be added later.

Day two I got a little later start. Missed the keynotes in the morning, but got to the expo in time to mingle on the floor with a few more peeps, as I was really buying my time until Scott Sigler was over at the podcast book booth autographing the print version of "Earthcore". What a great guy! I told him that I am probably one of the few female listeners he has who heard "Infection", and thinks... AWESOME, rather than, EWWW! He was impressed. ;-)

I also bought another copy of "Podcasting for Dummies" JUST to get Evo and Tee's signatures in it. I took photos of what they wrote- oh yes I am an addict! (Anyone who would like a copy of the book, lemme know- I've got an extra now!!)

After that, I met up with a bunch of sci-fi podcasters and we went and grabbed some lunch. Oh how fun and geeky was that? Completely fun and geeky! Actually it was one of the high points of the expo, because I admire all of their writings so much. Had a good talk about writing reviews, iRivers, microphones, along with lots of laughter. I'm not sure my audio came out on that very well, which will be a total bummer!

I then did one more time around the expo floor, before heading back to my room for a break- a blessed break! Then I headed downstairs to meet up with Charles (Mostly News), Bruce (Zedcast), Andy (AndyCast), Christiana (Nina Kimberly), and Meredith (My Inner Athlete). Meredith also has a podcast called "Dear George: Letters to the President", which I must absolutely check out. It was awesome talking to her about that project- but did I have my recorder on? NOOOO. But I blame that on Charles for bringing me that second beer- I'm such a lightweight! But that is another story for another time.... (sorry about your bag, Ajay!)

There is no way to explain exactly how awesome this weekend was as a whole. I think personally, I am just happy to have found a niche. That niche is podcasting. Everyone there was both a fan, and a mini-celebrity. For one weekend everyone was "star-struck". Yet no one was acting any different than anyone else, so it was just a great time all around. No matter what your podcast is, everyone wanted to hear about it, and we all had that common ground of being podcasters. I mean, where else can you get a range from a Swingers cast, to a Catholic Priest?

One thing I did notice- audio drama/cinema podcasts did not have a huge representation. Yes, podiobooks were. AND there were a few casts there, such as Silent Universe and Dr. Floyd, but overall there needed to be more! So, Sonic Society, Decoder Ring, Texas Radio, Planet Retcon and others- start putting those pennies aside for next year!!! Audio drama must represent!

I also have about 20 new podcasts I'm going to check out, which should give me plenty for my review segments, as well as an excuse to do another list of what I'm listening to!

Enjoy the photos, there will be more to add soon, and hopefully some audio too!

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Meredith said...

It was great meeting you at the PME. I has so much fun!