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Friday, October 20, 2006

If you've never listened to the Small World before..

NOW would be a GREAT time to check it out and start listening! ;-)

Jack Ward

Interview with Jack Ward, co-founder of Sonic Cinema Productions.

We discuss how he got into radio theatre; developing Shadowlands Theatre; CKDU 96.5 FM; how The Sonic Society and Sonic Cinema Productions; his literary radio programs Chapter and Verse and Guided Winds; Todd Maffin; the Ideas radio program hosted by Lister Sinclair; the concept behind Shadowlands; Rod Serling; writer Lucille Fletcher; his radio drama, Right Number, Wrong Party; the scope of the projects and people in The Sonic Society; is partner Andrew Dorfman; The Dead Line radio drama; their adaptation of Firefly; Joss Whedon; working within the constrains of someone elese’s universe; Kevin J. Anderson’s Star Wars series; capturing the essence of the characters in Firefly; wherehis love for radio theatre came from; The Firesign Theatre; The Frantics; the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas spoken word CD; radio theatre he currently enjoys; the Claybourne podcast; Bruce Sterling’s Zeitgeist audio book; why radio theatre is close to death; are podcasts obscure; the secrets of making great radio theatre; Actra.

GREAT interview Joe & Jack! Definitely subscribe to the Small World Podcast- if you've been listening to Sonic Society regularly, you know that I am a big fan!

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