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Sunday, October 08, 2006

You don't know how busy you are

Until you find yourself up at midnight at your sister's across the country with nothing to do but scour the internet, and listen to podcasts!

Yes fellow addicts, I'm currently shivering my desert-accustomed patootie off, and it feels like it's only 9. I always love coming to the east coast though, and not just because my sister and her family are here! Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, and I took my nephews apple picking and they wore me out all afternoon! It did make me miss my girls though... :-(

Anyway, LONG flying day yesterday, and it was bumpy and turbulant for most of it, and I HATE HATE HATE to fly. Thank goodness for my podcasts, and the voices of several I can now say I have met in person to keep me company. Here's what got me through the day:

*Gabber JaW (John we need to talk about that social/cultural melting pot thing!)
*Decoder Ring Theatre (GREAT bonus cast you guys! I've got the new Red Panda waiting too!)
*Toppers Tap Podcast (Dave, you are doing great! When can I be YOUR sidekick?)
*The Twisted Pickle (heeheeeeee)
*Democracy Now
*All Axis Radio (without question)
*Sonic Society (I wanted to hear all three episodes of Firefly straight through. Ohhhhh....)
*The Big Show (they live practically down the street from me- so I love the local perspective of things. And yes, Arizonans at a hockey game suck.)

One more cool thing- I wore my Morning Brewcast tshirt on the trip yesterday, and THREE people asked me about it! Is that completely awesome or what? It just tells me that you podcasters out there NEED to get shirts! That is one thing I'm doing when I get home, for sure.

There is plenty more I want to get through this week! I think I'll do some more listening now, since I am still wide awake! More audio bits later!


Jerry Robbins said...

Dani, don't be a western wuss! Its WONDERFUL weather here! A nice, autumnal 30 something! There wasn't even frost on the pumpkin! :) Of course, if I were in Arizona I would be jumping around dodging Tarantulas, so I guess we're even.

Audio Addict said...

Hey I need to call you!!!
I think I'll do that now!


-=Topper=- said...

Well I think when you get back. I seem to need a sidekick, I have the inspiration, idiot and chief and his goofballs, and all that.

But I seem to have a hard time getting it together. So you know anytime.

Dave -=topper=- T