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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

While the cat's away...

Hi-ho, S.A.A. Foreign Correspondent here. The Queen Bee asked if I'd keep the lights on if she got too busy with her secret mission to Beantown... Here's a bit of news from the Northern Frontier.

One of the members of our Decoder Ring Theatre ensemble is, in addition to being an actor I've worked with for years, on staff at Space: The Imagination Station (the science fiction cable station here in Canada). Which means when he's not playing roles like "Tom Tommorow, Man of the Future" in The Red Panda Adventures (among many others) Johnathan Llyr gets to do cool things like interview Shatner and Nimoy. At the same time. Jerk.

Space is one of the few traditional media outlets here that seems to "get" the internet. Rather than hide under a bed and hope it goes away, they're trying new things. And since they have access to information above the "internet rumour" level... not to mention cool interviews etc... they're trying out a weekly Podcast version of their Sci-Fi/Fantasy news show Hypaspace with John as host. The first episode is up for your dining and dancing pleasure... by all means give it a spin and send your feedback their way. It's equal parts news and sassmouth, and there's a neat clip of Guillermo del Toro talking about Pan's Labyrinth. I'd like it if it were longer, but maybe that's just me. At any rate, give it a try. You can download it directly from HERE and apparently this is the RSS Feed - though I haven't tried that yet, myself.

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DecoderRing said...

Just as an update, I was just talking to John and learned that the second episode this week will feature stuff from Terry Gilliam and Neil Gaiman... and I think he said a producer from Stargate